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Ba Fang Tong Bei Quan on Chinese TV

In 2007, Grandmaster Wang Hong Jun was asked to demonstrate the system of Ba Fang Tong Bei Quan on television local to Luoyang, China. The first video below shows Master and his two sons Wang Xiao Feng and Wang Yang Feng demonstrating their high level of Iron Clothing, and the second video shows Lao Song demonstrating his Iron Palm and Iron Clothing techniques.

The third video is a Chinese documentary about Wang Yongle, cousin of Grandmaster Wang Hong Jun. It shows his life and how he promotes and the art of Ba Fang Tong Bei Quan. 

BFTBQ on Chinese TV-1

BFTBQ on Chinese TV-3

BFTBQ on Chinese TV-2

Si Mian Ba Fang Tong Bei Quan