Most people who have an appreciation or interest in Chinese martial arts have heard of Shaolin Gong Fu. There are more people still who have heard the name of Tai Chi Quan. Both systems have been known to the Western world for many years. Belonging to Jun Tun village (Luoyang, Henan Province), 'Zhong Hua Si Mian Ba Fang Tong Bei Quan', or '‘The Fist Through The Back In Every Direction’' has been practised and passed down in secret from generation to generation. Our ancestor Wang Jiang (with his four apprentices), practised this art secretly after coming to Jun Tun village (Luoyang), from Hong Tong County (Shanxi Province) during the Ming Period of China's history (around 1300 AD). Later, the next generation (consisting of Wang Leng Zi, Wang Jia Zi and Wang Er Jia) exchanged some of their skills with Chinese boxers from Shandong Province, making their boxing even more wonderful and vigorous. The 'The Fist Through The Back In Every Direction' belongs to natural boxing together with Shaolin boxing and Tai Chi boxing. Its origin is unknown, but as already stated, can be traced back to the Ming period. However, it is undoubtedly a great deal older still.

While Shaolin Gong Fu and Tai Chi Quan are quite well known, 'Zhong Hua Si Mian Ba Fang Tong Bei Quan' has never been heard of, or witnessed before in the Western world. The simple reason for this is it has remained a closely guarded 'closed door' system, and has only ever been taught to family members. With the kind permission of my Master, Wang Hong Jun, the 'closed door' is now being opened slightly to give Westerners of the right character and temperament a chance to see and perhaps learn this ancient art.

The 'The Fist Through The Back In Every Direction' is very famous in Luoyang. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Jun Tun village has been famous for practising martial skill and many famous scholars and skilled players were created there. From our ancestor 'Wang Jiang' to Wang Leng Zi, Wang Jia Zi, Wang Er Jia, Wang Lu, Wang Ge, Wang Tong Xing, Wang Mai Nao, Tang Gen, Tang Lao Ba, Tang Go Shi, Tang Jing Zhong, Tang Ju Bao, Wang Xing Wang, Wang Te Jiang, Wang Yuan An, Tang Tian Shun, Tang Tian Yin, Wang Wen Din, Wang Qin Hai, and other very skilled practitioners, all have inherited and made great contributions to the practice and skill of this art.

During the Ming period, the National Skill Match was held in Kaifeng (Henan Province). Wang Yun An received first prize standing like a crane. He had no equal and gained a golden flag, upon which was written 'The perfect skill'. In the war protesting the Japanese invasion, Tong Shuai Zheng joined the army and, with his skills, defeated many enemies. Wang Yun An, Wang Qin Hai and Tang Mao, who were all once the coaches of every skill centre of China, passed down some of their skills to, and thereby boosted the morale of, the Chinese military. In 1985, Wang Hong Jun represented Luoyang to demonstrate 'Iron Crotch Skill' in a performance at the Henan skill centre and was soon very famous in China as he won the first prize.

Wang Hong Jun's grandfather, old Mister Wang Tong Gen, had a very high level of Gong Fu attainment and his practical accomplishments were incredible. His 'Metal clock cover' Gong Fu allowed him to endure a kick to the crotch from a horse. He would simply laugh and continue talking to his audience. He too represented Luoyang in the Kaifeng Wushu fighting competition and won first place in the tournament. From then on, his fame and reputation spread throughout Henan and many people came to Luoyang wanting to be his apprentice in order to learn 'Zhong Hua Si Mian Ba Fang Tong Bei Quan'. According to tradition, Wang Tong Gen passed down his skills to his son Wang Qin Hai (Wang Hong Jun's father), who in turn passed down his skills to his son. Wang Hong Jun has devoted himself to the development of this ancient skill and, as tradition dictates, passes down his skills to his sons Wang Xiao Feng, Wang Yan Feng and, I'm honoured to say, his only Western disciple, myself.

Wang Hong Jun is the 12th generation successor of Tie Dang (Iron Crotch) Gong Fu and has demonstrated this miraculous system to great acclaim. The Shaolin Temple in Henan Province is roughly 2 hours away from Luoyang, and in the early 1980's, Wang Hong Jun received an invitation from the great Master Diao Chan of the Shaolin Temple to perform his Gong Fu. After observing this performance, the great Master said "Wang Hong Jun's Gong Fu is a lost Gong Fu, it has been lost to the world for over 300 years until now".

The above history has been recorded over the ages in the Gong Fu annals of China and passed down from generation to generation within our Gong Fu family. As it has been passed down to me from my Master, so I pass it on to the reader. I state this because our art is based in and on truth, not fiction, and I have no wish to mislead anyone.

Traditional Gong Fu has always been passed down to the younger members of its respective families, but is governed by this principle:

"People with good hearts will be taught good Gong Fu, whereas people with bad attitudes are only taught a little".

Before leaving Luoyang, I gave my Master (Wang Hong Jun) my word of honour that I, like him and our ancestors before us, will only teach real Gong Fu. But this pledge is governed by the above principle. As this is the case, those who are arrogant, have bad morality or harbour bad intentions will never learn the splendour of 'Zhong Hua Si Mian Ba Fang Tong Bei Quan', or 'The Fist Through The Back In Every Direction'.


Chief UK Instructor Mike Farr Jan 2001