Feedback from a special seminar that the BFTBQ club held for the Ancestral Mountains Martial Arts Association:

In 2006 I invited Chief UK Instructor Mike Farr of ‘Ba Fang Tong Bei Quan’ and 3 fellow instructors to teach some members of my Kung Fu school in Aldershot, Hampshire. They taught us their first fist set ‘Hong Quan’, the first 2 practised techniques from ‘Tong Bei Quan’ as well as some incredibly useful self defence applications. We found that Mike and his group were all very helpful and patient, but more so, we noticed how competent and knowledgeable they were with the material that they taught us. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve vowed to focus all my efforts on my current system, no doubt I’d like to learn from Mike again. Like my Sifu (master/teacher), he is extraordinarily rare – someone with both a very high level of skill as well as the willingness to share it with others.

Sifu Matt Williams - Ancestral Mountains Martial Arts Association           

Chief UK Instructor Mike Farr: 
6th from left
Instructor Paul Bladen (Retired):
9th from left
Instructor Tony Shanahan:
12th from left
Senior Student Rob Henry:               
4th from left
Sifu Matt Williams (AMMAA):            
5th from right 

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Feedback from our Facebook page:


Louis Messi Mapley

Really good lesson today!! Thanks Mat!! Looking forward to next week!!

15 August 2012


Will Hsac

Really enjoyed Wednesday's lesson!

10 August 2012

Robert Paul Henry

Amazing lesson last night. I got to do some Pao Quan [Cannon Fist] today. I love being left to explore. Just that perfectly placed bit of guidance when necessary, then go and play. So much more to discover. :-D

31 July 2012

Robert Paul Henry

Hands up who learned something new tonight? Very excited! Well there's new things and move-ons every week, but... :oD

5 July 2012


Julian Dale 

Well done Mike and the team for all the demos at TMAS.

15 May 2012


Mike Farr 

Many thanks to all who attended TMAS and either demonstrated or helped out at the seminar. You made it a resounding success and helped promote our art.

13 May 2012


Matthew Thomas 

Generous words because it was a pleasure and an honour and it is that same generosity you show by turning up and teaching us week after week, month after month, year after year, that enables us to contribute a little. Such a buzz! Thanks Mike.

13 May 2012


Paul Gristock 

Yeah great weekend, great demo and great Seminar. Mat earned his ice cream. I look forward to the pictures.

13 May 2012


Robert Paul Henry

Last week’s balance taking kick defence was both eye opening and mind blowing. Completely changes the way I see Tui Shou. More please :o)

10 March 2011


Matt Thomas

Yesterday evenings training was monstrously good. Hard work but with the subtlety we've been developing worked in there too.

08 July 2010